Verse Matters: Thursday 9 July

We’re all set for the launch of Verse Matters on 9 July! Alongside fantastic poets Helen Mort and Marina Poppa there’ll also be a musical performance from Egyptian oud and flute player, Mina Salama (Arts on the Run), and open mic performances from Danielle Jeanee Richards (Up Scribe), Carol Eades (Gorilla Poetry), Kate Garrett (Poet and Editor), Kevin Titterton (Poet), Liz Ferrets and Rachel Garner (Poet). There’ll also be delicious cakes, salads and sandwiches from Sarah Haigh at the Mugen Tea House at The Hide (S3 7AA). There’s no licence but you can bring your own bottle (please give generous corkage donations to Sarah who is supporting this event by providing the venue for free!). And thanks to the wonderful Gav Roberts and ROMP – Rotherham Open Mic Performance for the PA system!

We’ve also got a new Verse Matters group on Facebook, so come and join us!

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