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  1. Dear friends and colleagues

    I am writing to you personally to ask if you will support me on the 20th of February 2017 for the national day of celebration for migrant communities’ contribution to this country. The campaign is called ‘1 day without us’ which is a national day of recognition, as well as the international day of Social Justice for the United Nations.

    I have been asked to lead this for Sheffield and am very proud to associate with this national campaign, which is to celebrate the contribution that migrant communities, families and their children have made into the British way of life. Whilst we have had, a politics of divisiveness and some have felt despair and the uncertainty of the changes due to come in the future. I wanted to take this opportunity to remind ourselves of our shared values, shared humanity but more importantly of our shared future together as citizens of the UK.

    Migrants have brought unique contributions which have impacted on everything from food, culture, music, family, spaces, and places to the new relationships, friendships, and community life that is part of the fabric of life in the UK.

    As the daughter of a migrant who came to live and work in the UK in the early fifties , growing up and being bred as a Sheffield lass I understand the importance of identity and feeling like you belong but also what it means to be a part of place that makes you who you are. I am who I am today because of Sheffield and because of South Yorkshire and I am proud to be part of both.

    Therefore I am asking that on the 20th February please mark this day in your diary as a day of celebration in your organisation and you can do whatever you feel appropriate for you. Have a celebratory coffee morning, share your favourite food, and use social media to express your support. Wear a badge, sing, or dance even if you just smile at someone on that day.

    Just do something on that day that celebrates you and those around you.

    Faithstar will be celebrating by hosting a Sheffield Poetry-Athon celebrating through poetry and prose the contribution of migrant communities.

    Why not share your poetry or prose on the following website:

    My creative contribution below.

    Travelled far, like a seed on the breeze
    Carried on hopes and dreams
    Found in The Sheaf and The Castle markets
    Hair as black as coal
    Forged of Molten iron
    Ore running through veins
    Stream of Sheffield slang
    Found int’ ole in rawd’
    Worlds collide of water and heat
    Clouds of steam dissipate
    Revealing Steely frame facing the future
    Two twos please on 52
    Daughter of the 7 hills.
    Bred in Sheffield
    Made of steel

    Please visit the 1daywithoutus facebook page and website to find out more and how you can support this national day of celebration.

    Also submit any creative writing to

    Best wishes


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